Stars in their Eyes

Mark van Zon, father of Mick, was for the “Stars in their Eyes” program in South Africa where he trained soccer coaches and taught them a variety of life skills. Once returned in Holland Mike told his son Mick about all of the happiness soccer brought around to the children of areas plagued by poverty.

Listening to these stories gave Mick the idea to create Football Maties.

Nic Jooste, a South African citizen living in the Netherlands, had already seen the situation in South Africa and decided to start the organization called Stars in their Eyes. The word “Stars” connects the power of soccer to prevent AIDS, strengthen social values, and to promote life skills as a positive influence in South African underdeveloped neighborhoods. This happens because of a one-on-one cooperative initiative that sets up African clubs to work with Dutch clubs. Stars in their Eyes and Football Maties have developed a partnership that will greatly benefit each other and strengthen both organizations now and in the future.

Football Maties sets aside a portion of collected shoes to Stars in their Eyes and in result, Stars in their Eyes helps Football Maties with the distribution of the shoes. And if that isn’t enough, Nic aids in the process in which shoes enter one of our facilities. On top of that, his company, CoolFresh, will help us with the transport of product from Rotterdam to Kaapstad through his network of companies.

Through Stars in their Eyes and Football Maties, a blossoming relationship has developed and lots of thanks to Nic for that!

(Translated by Brandon Clem)