Demy de Zeeuw

“The best kind of Charity is to help those who are willing to help themselves”.

Football Maties was very pleased when it received publicity on Demy de Zeeuw’s new online personal magazine followed by a personal e-mail from Demy in which he invited Football Maties to write an informational piece for his new site.

‘An ideal platform for online marketing’.

On February 23, 2012, ‘Demydezeeuw.nl’ launced his own online personality magazine. On a daily bases more than 12,500 Hyves members, 7000 Facebook friends and 52.000 Twitter followers read the latest news, fashion trends, gadgets and blogs. His personal experiences are central in his approach. With this approach thousands of social media followers can come in direct contact with his favorite brands, experiences, gadgets, interests, restaurants, clubs, cities and more due to several different blogs. The visitor of his site (men and women) is active, curious, quality and brand conscious, a traveller, and follows the latest news and trends on lifestyles, sport and fashion.

Demy accumulated his soccer shoes for some time which OF COURSE he donated to the Football Maties Foundation! That is typical Demy, a great gesture: “SURPRISE MICK! THESE SHOES ARE COMING YOUR WAY! GR. DEMY and so are we: “Baie dankie Demy, thank you so much for the publicity and the soccer shoes. Good luck with your incredible website. Gr. Mark & Mick”.