“Since its establishment I, Nelleke van der Vaart, am the Art Director for the Football Maties Foundation. I never played soccer, I didn’t have any children who played soccer, I didn’t know the Football Maties’ founder but when I was on Twitter I noticed the foundation needed a graphic designer. I thought they had a simple and beautiful mission so I decided to participate.

The Maties needed a logo. Then they needed a website, posters, flyers, advertisements, flags: you can’t imagine what they were asking for…… but I could!

Accompanying all the designs I also came up with different wordings (with a wink). In 2013 we won a nomination and free publicity in the NRC newspaper! We participated in the NRC Charity Awards because #Keepthezoolalive was nominated by a panel of marketing experts. Just like that Mark van Zon and I were attending the ceremony while sitting next to large non profit organizations with their large marketing businesses.

Now that I have my own kids I even further appreciate my position with the Maties. I am older and wiser and find it even more important to positively contribute to society. Football Maties is a client who makes a difference in people’s life. For that I gladly put forward my talents.

Maties Thank you!”


Nelleke van der Vaart, veekstudio.nl


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