Maties Messenger


Would you like to help increase our network and give Football Maties more online attention among your friends? If so, become a Maties Messenger and give us permission to regularly and automatically post updates from the foundation on your timeline on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. We will make an account for you in our social media dashboard Cockpitter. With this account you can connect your social media profile to Football Maties.

Once that link is established we can use your network to distribute Football Maties’ mission and goals to as many people as possible. We will only post news and updates about the different clubs that collect materials and the variety of projects we like to realize. For every like for Football Maties on Facebook, every retweet on Twitter or a simple mention on the internet will help our mission in giving children in Africa hope for a better future.

Do you have friends who also like to become a Maties Messenger? Let us know! You can reach us at communication@footballmaties.com.