Willem Janssen



FC Utrecht’s captain, Willem Janssen (born July 4th, 1986) became a Football Maties Foundation ambassador. Willem Janssen grew up in Well, a small town in the northern part of the province Limburg.

Willem Janssen in his own words:” Not too long ago I got married. We are now proud parents of a two year daughter and a one year old son. In 2004, when I was 18 years old, I became a professional football player with VVV Venlo for which I played three years. In 2007, I started playing for Roda JC and in 2011 I received a contract with FC Twente. In the summer of 2013 I continued my career with FC Utrecht for which I currently serve as captain. In total, I have played 300 games as a professional football player in the Netherlands.”


Football Maties Foundation

“Why would I like to volunteer for the Football Maties Foundation? When the foundation approached me I was immediately intrigued. Sport is very important. For many people all over the world sport is a hobby. I feel very privileged that my hobby became my profession and I get to enjoy that every day. In order to play well you need good materials such as clothing and shoes which many of us in Westernized nations take for granted. In other parts of the world this may not necessarily be the case. In my opinion, everyone in the world should be able to enjoy and play soccer daily with descent materials. Therefore, with my background and connections I want to contribute and support this foundation.”