Vera Pauw

vera pauw 750

Vera Pauw’s mark in (international) women’s soccer is well earned. Between 1983 and 1998 she played 89 games for the Dutch National team. At that moment she was the record holder for as well as the women as the men. She was an outstanding defender and during many games even the team’s captain. Pauw also scored two goals for the Dutch squad, that unlike in 2015, never had qualified for a final round of the European or World championship.

The active soccer carrier of Vera Pauw was with vv Brederodes, vsvv Vreeswijk, Puck Deventer and sv Saestrum. She was the first Dutch women who played professionally in Italy with CF Modena. Vera Pauw was born on January 18th, 1963 in Amsterdam and became the first women to receive the  highest soccer coaching license in the Netherlands.