Mark Lakwijk

“Because of its simple and integer setup I wholeheartedly support the Football Maties Foundation. Altough soccer shoes are not a necessity of life, the game of soccer can save lives. I played soccer with FC Den Bosch and after my playing days were over I continued with the club as a coach. For a period of nine years during my time with FC Den Bosch, I was Head Youth Development. At the moment I am the U17 team coach”

Mark Lakwijk played soccer for BVV, FC Den Bosch and subsequently BVV again. While playing for FC Den Bosch, he was a youth coach with his old club BVV. With an enthusiastic team of coaches, he developed the youth program which ultimately resulted that all teams played in their highest divisions. FC Den Bosch has always been part of his life. Thirteen years ago, he was asked by Wiljan Vloet to start working as a youth coach. After one and half years working with the U16 first team, he became the Head Development person with FC Den Bosch, the youngest Head Youth Development in professional soccer in the Netherlands. Mark started working full time and became responsible for the youth all the way up to the second team, including scouting and the surrounding organization. Mark Lakwijk delivered an ultimate job with FC Den Bosch.

Not only is Mark Lakwijk a soccer coach he is als a dad. As is the case with many dads in The Netherlands, Mark coached his son’s team. He takes care of his kids together with wife Astrid. He therefore understands the idea, thought and mission of the Football Maties Foundation. Mark Lakwijk knows Mark van Zon (Football Maties founder) very well and they have a mutual respect for each other as they worked with pleasure together at FC Den Bosch.

Football Maties is very happy with Mark Lakwijk as an ambassador.