Lisa Bosveld

Lisa Bosveld is a young Dutch football player, currently playing for FC Twente and the U19 Dutch National Team. She understands very well why she decided to become an ambassador for the Football Maties Foundation. In her own words :”I think this foundation deserves to get more attention and I want to contribute in order to make that happen”.

Where did you start your football career Lisa? “I started playing football with SML in Arnhem and I played there until my 16th birthday.  I truly enjoyed my time with SML. After I turned 16, I switched clubs and continued my football career with FC Twente. I still play for FC Twente with much pleasure.”


FC Twente

Lisa was born in 1995. She is a defender for FC Twente and has played several games for the Dutch National Team. The number of caps for the Dutch National Team are as follow: U16 – 3 caps, U17 – 7 caps, U19 – 11 caps. Lisa scored one goal for the U19 team.

“Lisa Bosveld…is a fighter who wants to be succesful” according to Andre Koolhof, coach for the U19 Dutch National Team. “Lisa plays aggressively and with determination, she does not let herself be pushed around. She lives for the sport and gives as much as she can in order to succeed. Lisa considers herself an aggressive player but in a positive way. Because of her aggressive approach she can hold tight in trying to eliminate her opponent”.

The Football Maties Foundation is very happy with this young and ambitious ambassador.

“Go for it Lisa our Foundation supports you all the way”.


Source: picture: Lisa while playing for FC Twente. Provided by FC Twente Media.