Give the Children of Mpongwe a Future

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“Give the Children of Mpongwe a Future (GCMF)” Foundation is founded in the fall of 2002 by Ton Korsten-Korenromp with the important mission of promoting education, health care, economic development and creating development opportunities in the Mpongwe District in Zambia. The foundation focusses especially on vulnerable children, youth and women.

In collaboration with this foundation, Football Maties wants to collect at least 60 pair of soccer shoes and lots of soccer balls for the children of Mpongwe. With this project, the GCMF foundation wants to promote sports, specifically soccer amongst the youth. Bram Sol, active worker with GCMF says:” because of unemployment and lack of educational opportunities, many youth are bored during the day which makes alcoholism a dangerous threat for predominantly many boys. Soccer brings a social alternative for drinking and this creates also a better health situation and responsibility towards their family. Furthermore, soccer brings entertainment. During the games there are many fans. Without soccer there is very little else for entertainment”.

With the soccer shoes and soccer balls many children will be supplied with good materials with which they can participate in the competition of Mpongwe. Furthermore, a friendly match against a professional club can then also be realized.

Dennis Nijs is on behalf of Football Maties as project leader directly associated with this project. To realize this project we need approximately €120. Support the children in Mpongwe and donate by pushing the donate button now!