Egoli Africa Schoolsport Kameke Uganda 2017

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Egoli Africa is an organization that deals with training programs and income generating projects in order to give people tools to improve their living conditions and become self-sufficient and independent. Egoli Africa is operating in Uganda and is represented in the Netherlands by Esther Haaisma, president and founder.

The foundation has previously worked with Football Maties when collected materials from VRC Veenendaal were donated for Aggrey Bwaita’s Youth Team in Jinja. Esther Haaisma: “With the football materials from VRC Veenendaal we were able to help two teams. We are running and also building a high school, where there is a great need to be able to teach sports, to have sports equipment and to set up a sports field. We also have ideas about organizing tournaments between the different schools in the area. Therefore, we saw an opportunity to set up a larger project with the help of Football Maties.”


Egoli Africa Schoolsport Kameke Uganda 2017

Egoli Africa and Football Maties have turned this idea into a concrete project named ‘Egoli Africa Schoolsport KAMEKE Uganda 2017’. Both parties consider this project  successful, if the following goals are achieved:

  • construction of two dressing rooms for students and small storage for the materials
  • setting up a sports field
  • sports equipment for elementary school (Good Shepherd Nursery and Primary School -> Goshenap)
  • sports equipment for high school (Good Shepherd High School -> Goshis):
  • implementation of sports and sports lessons in schools
  • organizing a sports tournament between different schools
  • training of trainers.

The total cost for Egoli Africa Schoolsport KAMEKE Uganda in 2017 are estimated at € 32.954,-. First, we hope to realize the construction of the two dressing rooms and storage space for materials. The target amount to be collected is € 10,259,-. Donate now by clicking the button and support this amazing project!

If you want to know more about the possibilities to sponsor projects or fundraising, please contact us at  Football Maties Sponsoring & Fundraising.