A Chromebook for each volunteer

Donation Goal For This Project is €2,100
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The Football Maties Foundation wants to start working with Chromebooks. Each volunteer would be assigned a Chromebook in which they would use iCloud to effectively and efficiently work for the foundation. In our plan “Look Farther than 2015: We Go Pro!” our Executive Committee and Management Team have proposed to work in a closed information system for Football Maties. This closed system will safeguard staff information, prevents loss of information, and ease the flow of files shared through volunteers PC’s and/or e-mail account.

The new professionalization also means that we will be working with programs such as Google for Work environments, Google Drive, Salesforce, Converse, and Social Media Dashboard Cockpitter.nl.

Sponsor a volunteer with a Chromebook worth €350.00.

The use of a Chromebook will also be a form of reward as volunteers can use it privately. The mission of the Executive Committee and the Management Team is that every volunteer will receive a Chromebook on loan and use it to complete all of their work for the organization.

As a sponsor, the logo of your company and url link to the homepage will be set to the volunteer’s chromebook.

Our goal for the coming five years is that every volunteer with a relevant function will receive a Chromebook and use it for further development of the foundation. In the first phase of this internal project, we need three Chromebooks, and in the second phase, six. The project “A Chromebook for Each Volunteer” will be financed by specific donations from sponsors for this project or will be paid for through general donations for the foundation. For that latter, out of 100% of all donations, 80% will be used to fund projects in Africa and 20% for this project.

Would you like to sponsor one of our volunteers with a Chromebook? send us a mail to funding@footballmaties.com or contact Mark van Zon at 0031612121254.

(Translated by Brandon Clem)