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The goal of the Foundation Football Maties is to support and encourage other foundations and organizations that use football for children in developing countries as a means to teach children ‘Social Skills’. Football Maties Foundation wants to be the largest nonprofit collector of used football shoes, clothes and materials. As a recognized ‘Charity’, the Foundation Football Maties wants to be the most active foundation compared to other charities in sending the collected soccer shoes, clothes and materials to mainly Africa.


The experience we have gained as Football Maties Foundation and the foundation that we have laid from May 14, 2010, has not gone unused. The board hopes to build a lasting bond with each project and to be of permanent value to the children in Africa, the partner foundations over there and mutual cooperation with the Foundation Football Maties.

Fundraisers Football Maties

Awareness of children in Europe about the reuse of consumer goods and development, is reached by involving them in fundraising for the Foundation Football Maties among other things. Children who learn and experience together, with their parents, counselors, coaches, team-mates, football clubs and teachers to be in school consciously working on a piece of useful development, recycling of materials, and particularly the recycling of consumer goods such as football shoes, clothes and materials. Educationally, this is a very responsible and a good lesson for our children according to the board of the foundation.


Working together leads to being stronger together and reinforcing each other. It ultimately leads to better results. We strongly believe in this as a foundation. We are 100% behind this. We collaborate  with the promoters of the collections, collection partners, sponsors, volunteers, supporting companies, partner foundations here and in Africa. We are open to partnerships with ‘Charities’ in the Netherlands and are constantly searching for partnerships in every area in order to achieve even better results and achieve the set goals.

Social skills

Football Maties Foundation’s mission is to support foundations in Africa using football as a tool to teach children ‘Social Skills’. Our support consists primarily of the collecting and shipping of used football shoes, clothes and materials for foundations or organizations we work with. Secondarily, we support the same foundations if possible and necessary with knowledge, skills and the sharing of experiences on the technical and organizational level.